Blue Birds on a Wire

 Blue Birds On A Wire (BBOAW) came together for the first time in May of 2023 when they filled in, last-minute, on the main stage at the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival. It was clear at that very first gig that something magical had been born.
As far as they know, BBOAW is the only bluegrass band with a lead singer on the pedal harp. At just 15 years old, singer-songwriter Joselyn Sky is perhaps the first classically trained harpist to cross over into the world of Bluegrass, bringing her 40 string harp with her. Mandolinist Jasper Manning’s impressive skill and vocals take the band’s sound to new heights. Guitarist Ida Winfree’s sweet voice, and on point guitar playing round out the band’s unique sound while Bass player Scott Conroy masterfully holds down the low notes, blends in vocal harmonies like butter, and keeps us all smiling. Blue Birds on a Wire is sure to be the talk of the town this year in the California Bluegrass scene.