Phil Salazar and the Kin Folk (PSKFBand) is a group of friends that have been recording and performing together for 33 years! We mix traditional music with rock, blues, country, jazz, Irish, pop, and bluegrass, just to name a few.

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 BOB WEIR (Greateful Dead) incorporated Phil Salazar, who never met a tune he couldn’t instantly enhance. ”

— — D. J. Palladino, Santa Barbara Independent

I’ve been listening to your Cd the last couple of days. Excellent playing and choice of material. I’m so jaded in my old age and rarely comment on any new music I hear. This is a great Cd and you’re fiddle and mandolin playing is spot on! Nice arrangements too.”

— Chris Hillman – founding member The Byrds and Desert Rose Band

There was a whole lot of plucking going on when PHIL SALAZAR and the KIN FOLK took the Santa Paula Theater Center stage for a rousing night of ‘folk fusion’ music. Together for 33 years, the merry band not only brings flawless skills to the stage but packages its programs with the kind of camaraderie that makes for very easy listening. The result is a happy blend of good fun and very good music. Rita Moran”

— Rita Moran – Freelance Writer – 11/21/17

PHIL SALAZAR and the KIN FOLK put on a terrific show of bluegrass, combined with their own beautiful renditions of unusual covers and originals. The show included a multi-fiddle version of an Allman Brothers tune, showcasing the band’s individual talents in a truly remarkable way. We’re already planning to book them again!”

— –Nick Smith – Pasadena Folk Music Society – 4/15/17

The Coffee Gallery Backstage was fortunate to headline PHIL SALAZAR and the KINFOLK. The response from my customers was delightful and was the best attendance of the year. Their performance and creativity is very unique, arrangements that worked and a top-notch show that left the audience completely satisfied and ready for their return. This is a talented crew. Grab them up. I have, several times….. ”

— Bob Stane, The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Altadena/Pasadena, CA.

You were the best… It was awesome! People loved you guys”

— Director, Jonas Richardson, The Red Barn Concerts, San Luis Obispo, CA.

In BOB WEIR’S (Greateful Dead) 2nd set, Phil Salazar joined the ranks, who proved himself fluent in the delicate balancing act of soloing without overtly soloing and seizing the spotlight, and folding into the morphing ensemble grove and simmer. That elasticity factor was especially in play on the classic “Dark Star/The Other One”.”

— Josef Wordard, Santa Barbara News Press


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